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Things to do on cold days

Make Your Own Peg Jacquot
Sing Along with Jacquot 
Make your own 3D Jacquot
Jacquot's song - Camille
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Listen to Queen Victoria

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 Find the 7 differences 
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Colouring In

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Jacquot & Snowman

Can you find these grand buildings 
in the book "Jacquot Returns" ?
Games to Play

Can you spot the difference - there are 7

Pin the tail on the donkey is a popular children's party game, first recorded at about the time Queen Victoria was visiting Aix-les-Bains, and still popular today. A picture of a donkey without a tail is drawn on a large sheet of paper attached to a wall. The children are each given a paper tail with a pin. They are then blindfolded in turn and turned round and round to disorientate them before fixing their tails to the donkey.

Learn about the Swan Game
and travel around


Where did Jacquot Live?

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